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Introverts Can Thrive with Group Work

Cooperative group work helps students learn, but some question “what about the introverts?” This post describes 5 activities and 6 characteristics of group activities that help everyone learn.

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TEAMMATES: A Tool for Student Peer Evaluations

To facilitate effective teamwork, student peers can provide feedback to each other on their performance as team members. Managing the feedback from each student to the other students in the team can be extremely time-consuming for the instructor. The online system TEAMMATES is easy to use, and facilitates anonymous (or not) feedback between students working in teams.

Craig Roberts says hello from the plane

Teaching from 32,000 feet

Dr. Craig Roberts is unstoppable. When a flight delay prevented him from reaching his class in person, he fired up his arsenal of technology and ran the class from his airline seat.

Team-Based Learning Update for 2015

Here are a few Team-Based Learning (TBL) resources and ideas for the New Year. This post links to a summary of TBL, a book about implementing TBL, the annual conference, and some ideas from the TBL listserv about simultaneous reporting and peer evaluation.