Our Mission

Duke Learning Innovation helps Duke students learn more, and helps more people learn from Duke. In our name as in our work, we put learning first. We define innovation as the transformation necessary for Duke to achieve its educational mission.

Guiding principles

  1. Learning is fundamental to the human experience. We support approaches and technologies that maximize learning through open, equitable and inclusive engagement, collaboration and relationships. 
  2. Evidence-based practices and research are the basis of our work. We assist faculty in applying and advancing the art and science of teaching and learning. 
  3. We are open. We share what we know and do, and help faculty share their knowledge, content and teaching practices. We invest in open technologies and resources to encourage collaborative solutions to shared challenges.
  4. Diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion are essential to building a more just and equitable community of learning and society, and we affirm our responsibility to address systems and structures of privilege within and beyond the Duke community.
  5. We support Duke’s strategic initiatives and goals and seek a long-term impact on the whole Duke community.
  6. Change happens in networks and collaborative communities of practice. We are a hub to gather and organize alliances university-wide and beyond.

How We Work

We carry out our mission by:

  • Partnering with instructors to support student-centered, active learning for more equitable, accessible and inclusive experiences that help all learners achieve learning outcomes.
  • Building Duke’s ecosystem of education technology tools and working with faculty and staff to use them effectively. 
  • Supporting online education that expands access, offers flexibility and provides meaningful learning opportunities at Duke and globally.
  • Advancing education innovation, by supporting, conducting and disseminating teaching and learning research and by evaluating education technology tools.
  • Strengthening connections among people who are passionate about learning, sharing ideas and contributing to education innovation.
  • Creating a welcoming work environment that supports a healthy work/life balance.