Our Mission

Duke Learning Innovation helps Duke students learn more, and enables more people to learn from Duke. We do this in several ways, including:

  • Partnering with Duke faculty to support new approaches to student-centered and active learning.
  • Building the ecosystem of education technology tools that support learning, and working with departments and faculty to curate tools for the needs and learning goals of programs and disciplines.
  • Supporting online learning opportunities that offer flexibility to Duke students, reach the extended community of alumni and prospective students, and extend Duke’s global impact.
  • Exploring leading edge projects, partnering with faculty to gather data from Duke’s learning platforms and publishing research, and seeking grants and sponsored research opportunities to build and pilot new technologies.

Guiding principles

  • We put learning first.
  • We define innovation as transformation that helps Duke achieve its educational mission.
  • We believe teaching and technology are really about people and relationships and thus, support technologies, pedagogies and other practices that increase learning through better student engagement, collaboration and communication.
  • We believe assessment and evaluation contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning.
  • We support projects and proposals that align with Duke’s strategic initiatives and goals or will have a sustained or broader impact on the overall Duke community.
  • We support openness—both in sharing what we know and what we do, and by helping faculty share their knowledge, content and teaching practices with others.
  • We believe learning happens in networks of colleagues, cohorts, peers – in communities of practice, not hierarchies. We see Learning Innovation as a network ‘hub’ bringing together groups to organize alliances, manage projects and achieve university-wide goals.