We support research and development on teaching and learning across the Duke community with an emphasis on experimental and translational learning research. We help faculty evaluate their teaching, apply learning science research, and use reliable, valid approaches to assess student learning. We also evaluate the projects we support in order to benchmark effectiveness. Through these efforts, we help identify and promote best practices in teaching and learning and provide all Duke students with exceptional learning experiences.

Design & Support Teaching & Learning Research at Duke

We provide comprehensive support and consultation to design and collaborate on research.

Closeup of hands writing near book and computer.

Faculty research partners receive comprehensive support and consultation to design and collaborate on research including IRB management, data collection and preparation, and co-authoring manuscripts. 

Try New Learning Technologies

We help Duke instructors and departments experiment with and pilot new teaching and learning technologies.

A woman uses a Light Board to teach chemistry.

The RED team and Learning Technologies team collaborate to identify and develop learning technology pilots. Two of our current pilots include Nudge and Gradescope.

Contact us if you would like to try a new tool in your course.

Publish & Disseminate Teaching & Learning Research

We contribute to and keep up with latest developments in teaching and learning research.

Stack of papers with colorful clips.

As we explore new learning technologies and pedagogical practices, we publish and disseminate research to keep you up-to-date on the latest best practices in teaching.