We partner with Duke faculty to support new approaches to student-centered teaching and active learning. We will work with you on pedagogies, technologies and other practices that increase learning—whether you teach in a classroom, lab, field site or online.

Faculty Support & Consulting

We work one-on-one with you to design courses and learning experiences for in-person, hybrid and online teaching.

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We can help you try new ideas, address teaching and learning challenges and create approaches that improve your experience as an instructor and enhance student learning.

Our consultants have advanced knowledge of pedagogy and technology, significant experience in college teaching, and subject area expertise in multiple disciplines.

Visit a Classroom

Celebrate good teaching, see the classroom from the perspective of a student and formulate plans and ideas to enhance your own teaching and classroom experience.

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The Visit a Classroom program provides Duke faculty with an opportunity to gain new teaching perspectives by observing their colleagues teaching in their classrooms. Three faculty participants observe at least one class taught by each faculty member in the group to get ideas to enhance their own teaching and classroom experience.

Applications for the Visit a Classroom program are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. It is available to any Duke faculty member or instructor teaching during the current semester.

Workshops & Events

Come learn with us! We host workshops and events on best teaching practices year-round.

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Explore our calendar of teaching and learning workshops and events at Duke on topics like:

  • course design
  • dynamic lecturing 
  • using technologies 
  • and inclusive teaching practices

Teaching Resources for New Faculty

New to Duke? We can help you establish effective teaching practices for a successful start.

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Whether you’re new to teaching or just new to Duke, we want to help you learn the best pedagogical practices for establishing and ensuring your students meet your learning outcomes.

To help you get oriented, we have compiled a list of essential teaching-related resources and information.