Year In Progress

Tracking our progress for 2017-2018.

Highlights for October 2017

Faculty Services, Programs and Consulting

  • Planning support for new DKU curriculum and courses; ongoing and future faculty support needs including planning for new DKU Teaching and Learning Center and new DKU faculty orientations/training
  • Duke faculty can now access the Teaching Professor Newsletter via the library
  • Launched new program, a Course Design Institute on Aug. 14 – 16, 2017, for faculty and academic staff
  • Active Learning Faculty Fellows 2017 (new cohort started week of May 8 – runs throughout summer and fall)
  • Partnering with DUL staff on Open Educational Resources (OER) project for The Duke Endowment Libraries (TDEL)
  • Working w/ Ed Gomes (Trinity Technology Services) to better match classrooms to different teaching styles; possible collaboration with Sony on new classroom design projects
  • COMPASS/HHMI grant for promoting STEM
  • Planning the launch of a Duke-wide Slack community for Teaching and Learning late Fall/early Spring
  • xGraph concept w/ Aria Chernik and OSPRI — mapping opportunities and connections for co-curricular learning at Duke

Learning Technology

  • PebblePad – new website launched . New communications, outreach and support processes in place.
  • Partnered with VP for Interdisciplinary Studies to rework process for TeachX now available
  • Partnered with Pratt’s Rick Telford to pilot a Mobile App Development Center – a mostly student-run center to help with mobile app development for faculty and students.
  • Exploring better integration of WebEx and Sakai
  • Working on enterprise-wide pilot for Gradescope
  • Sakai UI/UX development and gradebook integration w/ SISS (in dev)
  • new Attendance tool added to Sakai
  • Partnering with DUSON to explore a Designed Learning Experience approach/alternative to traditional online course platforms
  • Piloting Learning Boosters concept and technologies; student interns working on a new app based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve research
  • Learning Technologies Advisory Council – next meeting October 2017
  • OpenEdx pilot (Duke Extendpilot wrapped and service announced
  • Continuing pilot of ‘in-video quizzing’ tool PlayPosit.
  • Announced new Internet of Things (IoT) offerings through the Duke Digital Initiative

Online Initiatives


  • New and recent Coursera courses:
    • production on Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation Coursera course – with significant input of materials from the Jane Goodall Institute (and Jane herself).
    • C Programming Specialization (in production)
    • Nanotechnology (Nan Jokerst) (launched in Sept -see highlight above)
  • Revisions to Excel to MySQL and Java Programming specializations wrapping up. Published our evaluation of the specialization development.
  • Continued revisions to Stats w/ R Specialization
  • New Object Oriented Programming Specialization ( Sept 17) – collab w/ UCSD
  • CITers Kun Li and Kim Manturuk published their Educause piece on emotional growth in MOOCs.

Partnerships with Duke schools and units

  • Talking to Fuqua and Engineering about possible partnerships to develop online courses or modules
  • Exploring options for online summer school for high school students w/ Trinity admin
  • 3 online projects w/ Public Policy underway
    • US Civics (Coursera)
    • Climate Change Modules w/ Billy Pizer
    • Math Refresher for MIDP and MPP students
  • Produced modules with Duke Center for Health Informatics for AMIA 10×10 on Data Standards for Learning Health Systems
  • Redesign of several courses in Fuqua’s Global Executive MBA program (partnering w/ Fuqua team)
  • Looking at bootcamp approaches to prepping students for Law School
  • Researching different institutions’ approaches to faculty incentives for online course development and teaching for Duke’s Advisory Committee on Online Education (ACOE)


  • Hiring a Strategic Market Research Analyst to complement our ability to consult on best uses of online to meet Duke school and department targets and goals
  • Working on a solution to bring free access to all Duke Coursera courses and specializations to Duke students, faculty and staff (Oct)
  • Revising (launch mid-late Oct 17) to focus on new learner acquisition

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