Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Haiyan Zhou

Haiyan is seconded from Duke Learning Innovation to direct the Center for Teaching and Learning at Duke Kunshan University, a partner Center to DLI. In that role she leads the effort to develop programming, resources, and support for enhancing teaching effectiveness and to promote teaching innovations of DKU faculty, and to promote DKU student learning. The Center provides technical support and designs and implements pedagogical programs, offers teaching consultations to faculty, and identifies and makes available resources for teaching and learning. Haiyan also is an adjunct faculty member. Her professional interests include liberal arts and science education, science of learning, and learning experience design.

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(919) 660-5811

Physical location:
Duke Kunshan University

Mailing address:
334 Blackwell Street
Strickland Building, Suite 340
Durham, NC 27701

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Prior to taking on her role at Duke Kunshan University in January 2018, Haiyan was an Academic Technology Consultant in Duke Learning Innovation (formerly the Center for Instructional Technology). Prior to joining Duke University, she worked at Morehead State University, KY as an adjunct faculty member, where she taught face-to-face and online courses; meanwhile, as a Teaching and Learning Training Coordinator, she provided training and support to faculty in teaching effectiveness.  Before that, she worked at several universities as a librarian. She holds an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instructional Design from the College of Education, East Tennessee State University, USA, and an M.S in Library Information Science from the School of Information Management, Nanjing University, China.