Randy Riddle

Senior Consultant

Randy RiddleRandy Riddle consults with faculty in the Social Sciences on pedagogy, learning, student assessment, and integrating technology into teaching practices.  His professional interests include active learning, “flipped” classroom methods, inclusive classroom strategies, and integration of e-learning tools, social networking, video and multimedia, and data visualization into the daily work of teaching.

Randy’s current work includes faculty consulting, coordinating faculty development opportunities, and supporting faculty participating in Duke’s online initiatives. His other interests outside of work include restoration of vintage recording formats and broadcasting and film history.  He volunteers for the Old Time Radio Researchers Group, maintains an ongoing blog on radio history research, and has contributed to a collection of vintage recordings in Rubenstein Library.  In June 2013, Randy was interviewed by EdTech Magazine on why Duke is experimenting with MOOCs, ways the university might evaluate the effort, and upcoming trends in instructional technology.  In 2012, he was featured on American Public Media’s “The Story”, discussing his collecting and research on radio history.

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Randy has a bachelor of science degree in Public and Applied History from Appalachian State University.  Working as a faculty consultant at Duke since 2000, he previously worked for  five years as an Academic Computing Specialist with Wake Forest University’s Art, Music, and Theatre Departments.