Videos for teaching in online courses and programs should engage as well as inform. Duke Learning Innovation’s experienced consultants and media team will work with you to create high-quality videos that communicate what you know while helping your students learn.

Explore some the examples below to learn about some of the styles of video we can help you create for online modules and courses.

Expert Interviews In Studio, On Location, and Remote

The studio provides a professional yet intimate setting for interviewing an expert, while a green screen simultaneously shows images related to the conversation. An interview at Duke’s Lemur Center contextualizes the discussion on conservation in a unique campus facility. Side-by-side windows show the instructor interviewing an expert at a remote location. Learn about the time and process for making the In Studio video »

Example of 'In Studio' expert interview
In Studio — view the example
Example of 'On Location' expert interview
On Location — view the example
Example of 'Remote' expert interview
Remote — view the example

Lecture On Location: Local

Showing the real-world context of course topics doesn’t necessarily require international travel: shooting on location locally helps students think critically about everyday experiences.

Example of 'On Campus' lecture on location
On Campus — view the example
Example of 'Quarry' lecture on location
Quarry — view the example
Example of 'Durham' lecture on location
Durham — view the example

Green Screen Lecture

Using a live green screen lets the instructor interact in real time with large descriptive images. Learn about the time and process for making the Green Screen Lecture video »

Example of Green Screen Lecture
Green Screen Lecture — view the example
Example of 'Weatherman Style' green screen lecture
Weatherman Style — view the example
Example of 'Live software demo' green screen lecture
Live software demo — view the example

Annotated Lecture

Online Duke has portable video kits that allow faculty to record lectures in their own office and do live annotating of slides. Learn about the time and process for making the Annotated Lecture video.

Example of Annotated Lecture
Annotated Lecture — view the example


Instead of lecturing, two instructors use a scripted discussion to present information on copyright law.

Example of Discussion
Discussion — view the example

Lecture on Location: Global

By traveling to other countries to film on location, instructors help students understand the real-world context of the topics of their lecture in remote global locations.

Example of Sri Lanka global lecture
Sri Lanka — view the example
Example of Tanzania global lecture
Tanzania — view the example

Lab Demonstration

Studio production allows instructors to film demonstrations that bring scientific concepts to life.

Example of Chemistry lab demonstration
Chemistry — view the example
Example of Physics lab demonstration
Physics — view the example

Other Demonstrations

Other techniques include playing musical instruments to demonstrate musical concepts and the lightboard, which allows the instructor to lecture and illustrate concepts while facing the camera.

Example of Performance demonstration
Performance — view the example
Example of Lightboard demonstration
Lightboard — view the example


Drawn animation adds engaging visuals to a lecture.

Example of Whiteboard animation
Whiteboard animation — view the example
Example of Narrative animation
Narrative animation — view the example

Use Your Imagination

Get out of the studio, get creative, and have fun!

Example of Mirror Mask
Mirror Mask — view the example
Example of Graphic Overlay
Graphic Overlay — view the example