Virtual Computing Manager is a service providing the Duke community with easy access to virtual software packages, and semester-long virtual machine (VM) reservations. Access specialized software without installing it on your own computer, host your own server for development projects and coursework, or customize your own environment to use for the semester.

Duke's virtual computing manager landing page

Virtual Machines

Your Duke Virtual Machine (VM) is like having a second computer that lives in the Office of Information Technology (OIT). You can log into and use your VM from your own machine.

The most popular virtual machines are Windows 10, Ubuntu Server 20.04, and Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus. Additional information about virtual machines can be found here.

Screenshot of the "Reserve a VM" page that shows the most popular options.

Virtual Software (aka Containers)

A Container lets you use a desktop software application in your browser without installing it on your device or your VM. A container is a great way to package the various programs that you and your students will need to use in one virtual space.

Screenshot of the current and available container reservations.

Interested in using Virtual Computing Manager?

Check out the available VMs and Containers here. Click “Reserve a VM” to view the list of available Virtual Machines to reserve. Click “Reserve a Container” to view the list of Containers to reserve. OIT can provide standard or custom VMs or containers for course support. The process for requesting a virtual machine or container can be found here.

For questions or issues, please contact OIT Service Desk.