A limited number of instructors will use Canvas for Fall 2023; Canvas will open to all instructors to use for Spring 2024. More information is available at lmstransition.duke.edu

Sakai is Duke’s University-supported learning management system, intended specifically for the purpose of delivering a course and integrating with your class roster. Sakai has a wealth of tools and features to help you manage your course, and we recommend it as a natural choice for creating a holistic and versatile learning experience. The following linked pages suggest ways to ensure that your course site is well-organized and welcoming. For more information on course site building, please see How can I create my course site? For more information on creating tests and quizzes, please see How do I encourage academic integrity? and How will I know what my students have learned? For more information on the use of forums, please see How will we communicate?

Sakai Resources
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Common Question Types in Tests and Quizzes in Sakai
Using Markup Test to Create a Test or Quiz in Sakai
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