PlayPosit is an online learning environment that allows users to create and share interactive video lessons, including embedded questions, images, audio, and other media elements. Duke PlayPosit is integrated with Duke LMS platforms like Sakai, as well as video streaming and capture platforms like Warpwire and DukeCapture (Panopto).

This page covers:

  1. Getting started with PlayPosit
  2. How Learning Innovation can help you implement PlayPosit
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with PlayPosit

Recorded introduction

View this Duke PlayPosit quick start guide and interactive workshop session recording for a recent demonstration of the basic features and functionality of PlayPosit.
You can find more short videos and written guides at PlayPosit Knowledge: Getting Started in PlayPosit.

It is imperative to check the PlayPosit system requirements before you begin to use PlayPosit. Third party cookies must be allowed in your web browser for PlayPosit to function properly.

What is a bulb?

A bulb is an interactive video created in PlayPosit. Transform any video into an active experience for students by embedding questions, images, audio, and other media elements. You can embed videos from your own collection in Duke Warpwire, or you can choose from various sources on the web – like YouTube and Vimeo.

Step-by-step basic instructions

Step 1. Login with your Duke NetID

Login with your netid at:

Step 2. Create a bulb

Check out this guide on how to create your first PlayPosit bulb.
PlayPosit Knowledge: Building a Bulb in PlayPosit 3.0

Step 3. Share or Assign your bulb

Before sharing your bulb with your class, consider whether you want to save student data or responses. Use the anonymous “preview” option if you don’t need grading or analytics.
PlayPosit Knowledge: Sharing and Copying Bulbs.

If you want detailed analytics and grades on a PlayPosit bulb, you can assign it to your class in Sakai or Canvas.

PlayPosit Help: Canvas

PlayPosit Help: Sakai

Here’s a quick video walkthrough of the steps to assign a PlayPosit bulb in Sakai Lessons:

I am having trouble and need more help.

We’ll connect you with a Learning Innovation consultant to help troubleshoot your issue.

Request help from Learning Innovation

You may also contact PlayPosit help and the OIT help desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login with my NetID?

Visit and login with your Duke NetID credentials. If you are seeing the NetID login screen but can’t login, please contact the Duke OIT Help Desk or see “I can’t login with Office 365” below.

Why can’t I login with Office 365?

Office 365 login is not supported. Duke PlayPosit content can only be accessed at or otherwise shared with students as described above.

Why can’t my students access my bulb?

Most commonly, the PlayPosit bulb isn’t assigned or shared properly with students. Check that your bulb is properly shared or assigned to your Sakai course by testing the Preview link.

I’m getting a “001” error when I try to preview my PlayPosit bulb.

It’s likely that your PlayPosit account is not authenticated with Warpwire (or your authentication has expired). It only takes a couple steps to re-authenticate.
Please navigate to any bulb that you own primarily. Choose Edit.
You’ll be prompted to authenticate your Warpwire account with PlayPosit – select OK and sign in with your NetID (this may happen automatically if you’ve already recently signed in).
Once you’re authenticated, exit the bulb editor and retry previewing the bulb. If you still encounter this error, please notify the owner of that particular bulb, and provide the above steps to authenticate into their account.

Why can’t I upload videos to PlayPosit?

Duke PlayPosit supports video embed to Duke Warpwire and Duke Panopto – and Duke Medical School uses Mediasite for video hosting.

To avoid duplicating services, Duke does not support video upload directly to PlayPosit. Duke Warpwire provides robust video streaming and screen capture options. You can also host your videos on other supported non-Duke services such as YouTube or Vimeo.

I just started using PlayPosit and am running into problems – what do I do?

Make sure to check the system requirements and recommendations for PlayPosit and follow them closely. Enable third-party cookies for PlayPosit and have a stable internet connection. If you continue having problems, please reach out to PlayPosit or contact Learning Innovation for assistance.