Learning Innovation & Lifetime Education (LILE) is here to help Duke faculty with teaching; we offer many programs and workshops throughout the year to help build teaching skills and to provide opportunities for faculty to connect with each other to share teaching knowledge and experiences. If you have questions about teaching, please contact us or come by our weekly drop-in office hours.

Some of what LILE offers:

We look forward to meeting you and having many productive discussions about teaching with you in the coming months and years!

We have gathered below information about many other important teaching-related resources on campus for your easy reference.

Classrooms and classroom support

These resources are available to faculty teaching undergraduate courses at Duke. If you are teaching a course in a professional school, please check for resources within your school.

  • In general, if you have concerns about your classroom assignment, first check within your department with your Director for Undergraduate (or Graduate) Studies or departmental admin assistant, to see if they can help.
  • Reserve a classroom for a meeting or event
  • Reserve a computer lab for a class
  • If you are in Trinity College, Trinity Technology Services classroom support will help you in your classroom
  • Panopto automated lecture capture is available in certain classrooms

Planning your course

Materials for your course

Audio, video and multimedia publishing

Duke collaboration tools

Resources for you and your students

Skills development for faculty

Custom for-fee services

General Duke info

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