Multimedia mapping for engagement and discovery

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Victoria Szabo, ISIS

With support from a CIT Strategic Initiative grant, this Spring students in the Undergraduate Certificate Capstone for the Information Science + Information Studies Program put together a multimedia mapping toolkit to be used by DukeEngage students, the WISER program, and Global Health researchers in Muhuru Bay, Kenya beginning in Summer 2009. Students researched and tested GPS-enabled cameras and trackers, developed map development templates for Google Earth layers, documented best practices for research activities and media capture projects, explored information visualization strategies to combine top-down data with bottom-up observations, created an infrastructure back end for content management, and built a prototype for the location-based, media rich mapping environment based on Duke campus and the surrounding community. DukeEngage students traveling to Kenya will use the toolkit this summer, and then continue their work with the content when they return, developing maps as research and discovery tools and creating new resources for the Muhuru Bay community. We plan to make this a multi-year project into which students from various backgrounds and with various skillsets can participate. The project itself is part of a larger ongoing mapping and hybrid world theme within the ISIS program and the broader interdisciplinary Visual Studies Initiative at Duke.

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