Associate Director of Research, Evaluation, and Development

Kim manages learner experience research and project evaluation at Learning Innovation.  She has extensive experience in survey design, research protocol development, attrition analysis, statistical methods, propensity score analysis, and stakeholder identification.  She has overseen many different types of evaluations including retrospective (pre/post) studies, random control trials, proof-of-concept evaluations, and qualitative projects.  Kim also supports academic research at Learning Innovation, both as a research principal investigator and as a consultant to faculty members conducting research on teaching and learning.

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(919) 660-6936

Physical location:
American Tobacco Campus

Mailing address:
334 Blackwell Street
Strickland Building, Suite 340
Durham, NC 27701


Prior to joining Duke, Kim was a Senior Research Associate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she continues to teach as an adjunct sociology instructor.  She led several large, multi-site evaluations and spearheaded a national initiative to standardize measures across the field of financial services research.  Her research has been published in many leading journals on higher education including Educause Review, Current Issues in Emerging eLearning, and Educational Media International, and she is a regular speaker at the American Evaluation Association annual meeting. Kim holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received her B.A. from Indiana University.

Recent Publications

Reavis, Grey and Kim Manturuk. Forthcoming. “Pedagogical Implications of Covid-19: A Case Study of What Faculty Learned about Teaching Well by Teaching Remotely During the Covid-19 Pandemic” in COVID-19 and Higher Education Challenges and Successes during the Global Pandemic, edited by Joshua S. McKeown, Krishna Bista, and Roy Y. Chan, Routledge.

Reavis, G., Antonicci, N. & Manturuk, K. (2021). “A lot has become muted:” Supporting LGBTQ+ students living at home during the covid-19 pandemic. In K. Bista, K., Allen, R. M., & Chan, R. Y.  (eds.), Impacts of COVID-19 on International Students and the Future of Student Mobility. Routledge.

Jennie De Gagne, Paula Koppel, Hyeyoung Park, Allen Cadavero, Eunji Cho, Sharron Rushton, Sandra Yamane, Kim Manturuk, and Dukyoo Jung. Nursing Students’ Perceptions about Effective Pedagogy: Netnographic Analysis”, JMIR Medical Education 21:7(2).2:54

Manturuk, Kim. 2019. “Reclaiming the Nudge”, Inside Higher Ed, accessible at

Grinstein-Weiss, Michal, Yeong Hun Yeo, Kim R. Manturuk, Mathieu R. Despard, Krista A. Holu, Johanna K. P. Greeson, and Roberto G. Quercia (2019). “Social Capital and Homeownership in Low- to Moderate-Income Neighborhoods” in Grand Challenges for Society: Evidence-Based Social Work Practice, edited by Tricia B. Bent-Goodley, James Herbert Williams, Martell L. Teasley, and Stephen Gorin, NASW Press: Washington DC.


2020 “Nudge: A Classroom Experiment in Forgetting Less” (with Seth Anderson and Karen Murphy), presented at the ELI Annual Meeting, Bellvue, WA.

2020 “The WALTer Toolkit: Resources for Building and Sustaining a Culture of SoTL” (with Grey Reavis), presented at the SoTL Commons Conference, Savannah, GA.

2019 “From Data to Results in Under an Hour: Using Qualtrics to Collect Data and Share Results Quickly”, presented at the American Evaluation Association annual conference