• Dates: September 2013 – May 2014

The purpose of this fellowship was to share faculty experiences using active learning techniques to achieve greater student learning, and to implement new classroom techniques .  Participants in the Fellowship were a mix of faculty who are already flipping their classroom or wanting to try for the first time. (The “Flipped Classroom Field Guide” is a resource for more information and faculty stories about flipped classrooms.)

Faculty completing the program received a stipend of $1000 deposited to a Duke University research account.


Fellows Activities

Faculty met every three weeks during the 2013-14 academic year. Faculty participating in the program set an agenda for the meetings, which explored topics such as activities for a flipped classroom, options for providing content for students outside of the classroom, assessing student work, holding students responsible for being prepared, and getting students “on board” with a flipped class.  Each session included:

  • discussion of, and practice with, one or more active learning techniques
  • sharing teaching tips and ideas among participants
  • development and refining of course  learning objectives and assessments

Faculty also participated in “Teaching Triangles”, arranging visits to classrooms in small groups to get ideas they could use in their own course.


Participants in the Fellows integrated flipped classroom activities into their courses and provided summaries of what worked well to the CIT.  This feedback is being compiled into a series of blog posts on the CIT website that will appear in Fall 2014.