Hypothes.is is a tool that lets you collaboratively annotate and discuss webpages and documents. It enables sentence-level note taking or critique as a layer on top of class readings, news, blogs, scientific articles, books, terms of service, ballot initiatives, legislation and more. You and your students can annotate and comment on most documents you can view on the web. For examples of what you might do with Hypothes.is, see the Liquid Margins blog.

Hypothes.is was temporarily integrated with Duke Sakai to allow faculty and students to pilot it in Duke classes. The pilot for the Duke 2020–2021 academic year has concluded and Hypothes.is for Duke Sakai will not be available after June 30, 2021. However, you can still use the free version of Hypothes.is on the open web: Get started with Hypothes.is here.

This page covers:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Getting help

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pages or types of websites I can’t use in Hypothes.is?

Yes, you may encounter difficulty using certain types of webpages or PDFs. While most regular web pages and documents like PDFs work well with Hypothes.is tool, others may not work well or won’t work at all.

Often, if you can see the page on your screen, there may be a workaround. For example, if a particular page does not load properly, you can print or save the page as a PDF document, then use the “upload to Google Drive” option.

Any page that is not publicly accessible on the open web (or that requires Duke sign-in) is not accessible by Hypothes.is and will need to be made public. Please make sure to test your document before assigning to students.

Articles from Duke Libraries which require Shibboleth/NetID sign-in or Proxy VPN do not work with Hypothes.is. Some non-paywalled pages may not work, either, so please test your article and re-upload to Google Drive if necessary.

PDF Optimization

Pages or documents need to have selectable text to work with Hypothes.is. Please use OCR text recognition on your PDF to make it possible to select text in the document. Learn more at Hypothes.is support: how to OCR-optimize PDFs and Duke Web Accessibility: PDF Accessibility Demystified in 8 minutes.

Duplicate files will be recognized as the same item (even if they have a different file name). You may need to add a PDF Fingerprint to the file. Learn more at Hypothes.is Support: How to save copy of a PDF with a different fingerprint.

Getting help

Contact Hypothes.is help.