Our name puts learning first, and that is our strategy: to help Duke students learn more, and to enable more people to learn from Duke.

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Faculty Development

We partner with Duke faculty to support new approaches to student-centered teaching and active learning. We will work with you on pedagogies, technologies and other practices that increase learning—whether you teach in a classroom, lab, field site or online.

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Online Learning

Through online learning, we offer more flexibility to Duke students, reach the extended community of alumni, engage with prospective students, and expand Duke’s educational impact globally. We work with both individual faculty and university leadership to design and develop new innovative online offerings. Our approaches are informed by data, rooted in market research, and supported by years of expertise in online course and program development.

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Research, Evaluation & Development

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Learning Technologies

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Learning Networks & Communities

We believe learning happens in networks of colleagues, cohorts, peers – in communities of practice, not hierarchies. Learning Innovation is a network ‘hub’ that brings together groups to organize alliances, manage projects and achieve university-wide goals. We provide opportunities for Duke faculty, academic staff and students to learn, share ideas and contribute to education innovation at the university.

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