Director of Learning Technologies and Infrastructure

Michael Greene

Michael (he/him) leads the Learning Technology Services and Strategy team at Learning Innovation which focuses on:

  • Operating IT services built for learning, such as the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Supporting instructors who leverage technology in their courses.
  • Curating tools that meet needs and learning goals of programs and disciplines.
  • Experiment with, and evaluate new teaching and learning technologies and approaches.

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Before joining Learning Innovation, Michael held an Assistant Professor of IT position at Rappahannock Community College and received an M.S. in IT Management and Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Here, he focused on delivering high quality and engaging courses in information literacy and web design while building his understanding of IT service and team management.

Before that, he built a portfolio of web sites and services and honed his design sense as the college‚Äôs Web Solutions Specialist after receiving a B.S. in Web Design from Radford University.

He’s passionate about #EdTech, #DigitalLiteracy, #Family, #Food, #Beer, #UserExperience, #PCGaming, #Anime, #Soccer, and #OxfordComma.