Engaging Video for Teaching Online

Videos for teaching in online courses and programs should engage as well as inform. Duke Learning Innovation’s experienced consultants and media team will work with you to create high-quality videos that communicate what you know while helping your students learn.

Explore the examples below to learn about some of the styles of video we can help you create for online modules and courses.

Videos Produced in a Studio

The studio provides a professional yet intimate setting for interviewing an expert. Using a live green screen for a “weatherman”-style video lets the instructor interact in real time with large descriptive images.

Learn about the process for creating the Lecture video


instructor lecturing about programming in online video

Software Demonstration

instructor showing programming with image of his computer screen behind him

“Weatherman” Video

Instructor showing layers of the Earth's crust with a gas cap

Videos Created with a DIY Kit

Instructors can record lectures in their own office and annotate their slides live with a portable video kit provided by Duke Learning Innovation.

Learn about the process for creating the Annotated Lecture video
Learn about the DIY Kit

Annotated Lecture

Image showing annotations on a lecture slide featuring two charts about fisheries

Software Demonstration

Image of the programming platform Alice

Interview Videos

Expert interviews bring specialized knowledge and perspective to an online course. Interviews can be filmed on campus, or side-by-side windows can show the instructor interviewing an expert at a remote location.

Learn about the process for creating the Interview on Campus video

Interview On Campus

Image of Victoria Nneji talking

Interview On Location in Durham

An interview with two experts at Duke Lemur Center

Remote Interview

Image of instructor beside image of an expert being interviewed via remote video link

Videos Filmed on Location

Videos filmed on location locally help students think critically about everyday experiences and highlight Duke’s unique facilities. By traveling to other countries to film on location, instructors can help students understand the real-world context of their subject matter.

Learn about the process for creating the On Location: Durham video

On Location: Campus

Image of Matthew Rascoff on the basketball court at Cameron Indoor Stadium

On Location: Durham

Pedro Lasch lecturing in front of an outdoor sculpture

On Location: International

Instructor lecturing from a tropical country


Animation adds engaging visuals to a lecture and illustrates key concepts.

Motion Graphics

Aerial view of Duke campus with labeled buildings

Narrative Animation

Two animated women characters smiling at each other

Other Video Styles

Lab demonstrations allow instructors to bring scientific concepts to life. A lightboard allows the instructor to lecture and illustrate concepts while facing the camera.

Lab Demonstration

Two instructors in a lab explaining how a piece of equipment works

Lightboard Lecture

instructor writing math problems on a lightboard