Online Teaching and Learning

Learning Innovation partners with Duke faculty and programs to develop online learning experiences that extend the impact and reach of the university. Online learning makes it possible for the university to offer flexibility to Duke students, reach the extended community of alumni, engage with prospective students, and expand the global learning impact of Duke.

Faculty Support and Consulting

Learning Innovation offers Duke instructors support and consulting for online teaching. Over the past five years, we have helped 72 Duke faculty create over 150 online education projects. Our staff can help you design your course, choose the right technology, produce video, source course materials, and more.

Online Program Development and Strategy

We partner with university programs and leaders to develop new and innovative online offerings to support school-level strategies. Our approaches are informed by data, rooted in market research, and informed by years of expertise in online course and program development.

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Online Duke: A Catalog of Online Courses and Programs from Duke University

Online Duke is an online catalog of Duke’s online courses, programs, and learning experiences. From MOOCs to alumni exclusives to Master’s degrees, Online Duke brings together all of Duke’s online learning in one searchable, sortable location.