LearnTAC supports Duke University in planning, implementing, and maintaining the most effective collection of technology services for teaching and learning.  These services should provide the Duke Community with tools and technologies that facilitate wide collaboration, extended access and delivery of learning content concordant with Duke’s strategic plan.  These services will promote the flexibility to integrate emerging applications, technologies, and media content, and will enable delivery capability to a wide array of devices and geographic locations. LearnTAC will:

  • Advise and decide on issues, policies, procedures, and standards for learning technologies at Duke University
  • Analyze university and OIT strategic plans to define, review, and plan strategic projects and services surrounding Duke’s learning technology ecosystem
  • Consult with university learning technology management units on learning technology project and service management
  • Ensure that the Duke Community is kept informed regarding learning technology issues and initiatives,
  • Provide a channel to bring the concerns and suggestions of undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculty, students, and staff into the university’s planning and evaluation processes
  • Review and report bi-annually to ITAC and the Duke community on the status of learning technologies at Duke and progress towards goals and objectives
  • Invite guests such as alumni affairs or specific departments to discuss upcoming and varying issues
  • Use focus groups to get feedback on specific topics from specific sets of users


Individual council members will be chosen for their knowledge and understanding of contemporary and emerging learning technology; the strategic planning process; the university’s mission for outstanding teaching, the broad spectrum of needs and interests within the university community; and the need for effective stewardship of scarce resources. LearnTAC will include faculty members, students, administrators, and staff.

Current Membership

Aria Chernik, OSPRI
Brenda Ratliff, OIT
Chris Meyer, OIT
Cindy Lurie, Fuqua
Clinton Miller, M.Ed., School of Medicine
Edward Gomes Jr., TTS
Evan Levine, OIT
Glenn Setliff, School of Nursing
Jeff Mimnaugh, Divinity
Jennie De Gagne, Ph.D., School of Nursing
Matthew Rascoff, Learning Innovation
Michael Greene, Learning Innovation
Richard Telford, Pratt
Shawn Miller, Learning Innovation
Wayne Miller, Law