Faculty Development

We partner with Duke faculty to support new approaches to student-centered teaching and active learning.

New Features in Warpwire 1.7 Release

The latest version of Warpwire (Duke’s streaming media too), released on December 30, has two important new features that allow users to organize content in libraries more effectively: tagging and sorting. Other new features are batch editing and a drop box mode for private file transfer. Workshops are being offered by CIT on Jan. 8 and 19.

Streaming Media with Warpwire

Warpwire is a streaming media solution that is now available to the Duke community. The service allows users to upload videos and images to folders that can be accessed anywhere …

MPS: New Office Hours

The Multimedia Project Studio, with locations on West and East campus is open for faculty, staff and students to work on creative projects for teaching and learning.

Fall Teaching and Learning Seminars

Please joint CIT consultants and faculty members for lively discussions of current teaching ideas and methods this fall. The seminars are every other Thursday from 3:00 – 4:30 PM.