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Exploring CUREs in DKU Courses – Diving into the Unknown Together

While Prof. Beckford is still exploring with CUREs in his chemistry courses at DKU, incorporating research in a course does not have to be limited to STEM classes and it may be beneficial to start students early. It could be done on a smaller scale, and the benefits of this type of pedagogy are very tangible and sought after. Uncertainty is an essential part of research. Let us get comfortable with it and dive into the unknown together!

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Meet Renee Richer, the 2022 DKU Teaching Award Winner

Renee Richer, Ph.D., the winner of Duke Kunshan 2021-22 Teaching Award nominated by students, has shared her teaching approaches, such as how she reaches out to students and establishes a learning community in online classes; engages students with extreme examples and relatable assignments; and guides students with personal experiences and trains students to be young scientists.