Fresco on the National Palace in Mexico

“That’s Awesome!” — Art of the MOOC

Art of the MOOC is a six week Coursera-hosted course on social art created by Pedro Lasch from Duke and Nato Thompson, the chief curator from Creative Time. The course explores a range of socially engaged art through many examples and more than two dozen great guest interviews. The creators invite students to participate in creating their own art projects every week.

Why Tropical Coastal Ecosystems on edX was an awesome MOOC

I miss Tropical Coastal Ecosystems MOOC, because of the diverse learning material including course video lectures both above and underwater, interviews, other sources of high quality video, actual real world research and conservation projects, a wide variety of ways to check and extend your knowledge, and a virtual ecology project (worth half of the course score), with multiple steps and checkpoints.

Trench dug in a grassy area near some trees.

MOOC Design Lessons From The Trenches

Duke University and its faculty have taken the initiative to explore the potential of massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) across a wide range of course topics. While supporting the faculty …