Dante’s iPad

A guest post by Kenneth Rogerson, Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sanford School of Public Policy .  In Spring 2011, Rogerson worked in collaboration with Denise Comer, Thompson …

iPads for ethnographic field research

Guest post by Jonathan Dueck, Thompson Writing Program Lecturing Fellow.  Dueck is the 2011 winner of the Writing 20 Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing. Ethnomusicologists produce a lot of …

iPads in Medical Education and Clinical Care

Guest post by Bradford Perez, MD, Duke School of Medicine
The goal of our project was to improve the quality of medical education and clinical care by harnessing new technologies we thought would help with information gathering and clinical decision-making. We distributed iPads to members of two teams in internal medicine and asked them to complete weekly surveys about the experience for eight weeks.