TechBasics: All About Images

Wondering how your colleague found great images for their PowerPoint presentation? Can’t figure out how to keep the .png of a table you inserted into your Google Doc from filling the entire screen? These quick tips will sort out how to find and format images effectively.

Da Vinci water lifting devices sketch

Educational Graphics: Five Considerations

Many instructors go beyond text and tables and use graphic elements to illustrate their educational materials. When chosen and applied carefully, graphics can add valuable context and information. When chosen poorly, …

Synergism, Digital Seamonsters and CIT

Dave Johnston, a Research Scientist at the Nicholas School of the Environment, and his colleagues at the Duke University Marine Laboratory have terabytes of compelling photographs, video, audio, and illustrations of marine mammals and sea birds to share with students in their course Marine Megafauna (Bio 127). To better teach about the ecology and […]

Great images you can use freely

Even if you understand Creative Commons licensing and know how to use Flickr, finding an image that you can legally use can still be a challenge. The blog post “A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images” may help.