“That’s Awesome!” — Intro to Classical Music

Yale’s Introduction to Classical Music is a great example of how to integrate lectures, expert interviews, demonstrations, and class videos, so that a learner never feels the ennui of a single type of information delivery.

Craig Wright has crafted a class for lay individuals that achieves shocking depth and breadth, illuminating the why of human infatuation with music, explaining basic elements of music theory, and inviting the listener to take part in a survey of music from chant in the middle ages to the “vernacular” of Copland.

Dante’s iPad

A guest post by Kenneth Rogerson, Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sanford School of Public Policy .  In Spring 2011, Rogerson worked in collaboration with Denise Comer, Thompson …

EReading Pilot Project

Denise Comer; Assistant Professor of the Practice in Writing and Director, First Year Writing Program; Thompson Writing Program
Project description:
During Fall 2010, Denise Comer, Thompson Writing Program, will be working in collaboration with Kenneth Rogerson, Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sanford School of Public Policy; and Rebecca Vidra, Mellon Lecturing Fellow, Thompson […]

Exploring architecture in Second Life

Annabel Wharton, William B. Hamilton Professor Art, Art History & Visual Studies How is our relationship to physical space changing as space becomes “virtual”?  What do virtual spaces reveal about …