Highlights from the 2019 Serious Play Conference

In this guest post, Enrique Cachafeiro, Education and Training Coordinator, Duke Occupational and Environmental Safety Office, shares highlights from the 2019 Serious Play Conference. I recently had the pleasure of …

7 ways games can contribute to learning

In this 15 minute video, Tom Chatfield makes compelling arguments on how lessons learned from gaming can be applied to education and other fields. His 7 lessons are :

Measuring constant progress, giving learners chances to constantly progress and showing that progress visually using experience bars.
Have multiple long and short term aims.
Reward effort constantly, even for […]

Avatars in the hospital

At the Duke University School of Medicine, students may soon be assigned an avatar in a virtual hospital setting and tasked with different patient care responsibilities.  Dr. Jeff Taekman, in …

Gaming goes academic mainstream?

A classified advertisement in last Sunday’s New York Times (2/3/08) states that New York University is “establishing a multi-school center for the research, design and development of electronic interactive games” …