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TEAMMATES: A Tool for Student Peer Evaluations

To facilitate effective teamwork, student peers can provide feedback to each other on their performance as team members. Managing the feedback from each student to the other students in the team can be extremely time-consuming for the instructor. The online system TEAMMATES is easy to use, and facilitates anonymous (or not) feedback between students working in teams.

Why Tropical Coastal Ecosystems on edX was an awesome MOOC

I miss Tropical Coastal Ecosystems MOOC, because of the diverse learning material including course video lectures both above and underwater, interviews, other sources of high quality video, actual real world research and conservation projects, a wide variety of ways to check and extend your knowledge, and a virtual ecology project (worth half of the course score), with multiple steps and checkpoints.

Kahoot create screen on tablet

Kahoot! as Formative Assessment

How could the colorful, goofy game that kept Duke TIP middle schoolers from rioting also be a useful tool in the undergraduate classroom? Beneath the asymmetrical font is immediate feedback …