Better prepared students, more participation

Will Wilson (Duke Biology) wanted to engage his students and have them come to class prepared, having read the text.  He wanted the class meetings to go beyond the text, and include more student discussion. He’s incorporated two new features in his course this year to achieve these goals: reading quizzes and minute papers […]

iEdit: Using the iPad for Editing and Annotating Papers

Deb Reisinger, Lecturer, French, and Assistant Director of the French Language Program, Romance Studies
Project description:
In Fall 2010, Deb Reisinger will be using an iPad and stylus borrowed from the Duke Digital Initiative as a tool for editing and annotating students papers along with the iAnnotate iPad app. Reisinger will be grading 144 papers over the semester in her […]

Responsive teaching

Recently, John Willis (Professor of Biology) assigned several chapters of the book “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry Coyne to his Biology 102 (Genetics and Evolution) students. Based on student comments, he decided to invite the author to talk with students via Skype in the classroom.