Using Flip Cameras to Create Video Diaries in Italian 1

Emily Sposeto, Senior Lecturing Fellow, Romance Studies
Emily Sposeto was one of fourteen faculty and one graduate student who participated in a Spring 2010 CIT Fellowship for language faculty interested in exploring with colleagues the most effective and most efficient ways to increase students’ oral production […]

Planning student video assignments

As we approach the end of the semester, you’re probably thinking about your spring courses.  If you’re planning on having students complete a video based assignment in your course, or if you’re wondering if a student video assignment would help you reach some of your course learning goals, there are many resources at Duke for […]

iPads as a tool for media comparison

Satendra Khanna, Associate Professor of the Practice, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Project description:

Satendra (Satti) Khanna is teaching a small Hindi course in Fall 2010 that is using a contemporary Hindi version of the Mahabharata epic as the principal course text. Khanna is interested in students comparing three versions of the […]