Exam Wrappers to Help Students Learn

After you grade exams and hand them back, is learning over? When an exam is returned to students, they may look at their score and calculate their potential final grade in the …

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Including Participation in Student Grades

How can student participation be given a numeric score fairly and accurately? Dr. Elizabeth Bucholz, Instructor in Biomedical Engineering, has asked students to self-assess their participation, three times during the semester. Read more about how it worked.

Why Tropical Coastal Ecosystems on edX was an awesome MOOC

I miss Tropical Coastal Ecosystems MOOC, because of the diverse learning material including course video lectures both above and underwater, interviews, other sources of high quality video, actual real world research and conservation projects, a wide variety of ways to check and extend your knowledge, and a virtual ecology project (worth half of the course score), with multiple steps and checkpoints.

Trench dug in a grassy area near some trees.

MOOC Design Lessons From The Trenches

Duke University and its faculty have taken the initiative to explore the potential of massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) across a wide range of course topics. While supporting the faculty …

“That’s Awesome!” — Medical Neuroscience

Great Examples from Online Courses  What It’s About Medical Neuroscience by Duke University has awesome multiple-choice question assessments. This course teaches neuroscience at a graduate school level for medical and …