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Best Practices for Inclusive Assessment

It’s important to assess how students have grown and mastered our course materials during the semester, and to do so in ways that don’t inadvertently disadvantage some students compared to …

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Demo: Streamline Grading with Gradescope

Learn how to streamline grading with Gradescope, a free tool for Duke faculty and instructors, at demonstrations on  November 8 and December 10! Gradescope makes it easy for instructors to grade tests …

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How Much Homework is Too Much?

When redesigning a course or putting together a new course, faculty often struggle with how much homework and readings to assign. Too little homework and students might not be prepared …

Exam Wrappers to Help Students Learn

After you grade exams and hand them back, is learning over? When an exam is returned to students, they may look at their score and calculate their potential final grade in the …

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Including Participation in Student Grades

How can student participation be given a numeric score fairly and accurately? Dr. Elizabeth Bucholz, Instructor in Biomedical Engineering, has asked students to self-assess their participation, three times during the semester. Read more about how it worked.