End-of-term grading suggestions

As we approach the end of the term and finals, Learning Innovation has some suggestions for best practices in assessment and grading (and see this post about Wrapping up the …

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Wrapping Up the Fall Semester

Preparing now to wrap up your courses successfully will streamline the process for both you and your students. While the Duke community has gained more experience with flexible teaching models …

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Frequent Quizzing: Dr. Ming Li’s Pedagogy

Dr. Ming Li employed “frequent quizzing” as one of his pedagogies when he taught Fall 2018 STATS 102 Introduction to Data Science. Frequent quizzing is an effective way achieve “learning by doing” and knowledge automatization.

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Save Time Grading with Gradescope

Learn how to save time grading with Gradescope, a free tool for Duke faculty,  instructors and graduate student teaching assistants, at workshops on August 16 or August 21. Gradescope makes it …


How to Prepare Course Grades in Sakai

1. Check that all desired Gradebook items have been included in the course grades. There are times when a Gradebook item is not included in the course grades. For example, …