CIT Team-Based Learning Course Design Fellowship Wrap Up

As a part of CIT’s Team-Based Learning Course Design Fellows, seventeen faculty and graduate students have redesigned courses to use Team-Based Learning techniques. At the last meeting, enthusiastic participants discussed the benefits: students engaged in animated discussions of course content, faculty learned immediately when and where students were struggling and classes were energetic and fun.

Another great article about MOOCs

The Guardian, the British national daily newspaper, asks: Do online courses spell the end for the traditional university? Carole Cadwalladr toured through a brief history of MOOCs, including Udacity, Khan …

Student shop safety training in Sakai

Steve Earp, Manager of the Student Shop for Pratt School of Engineering wanted to help students learn how to use the shop safely, and document that students had successfully completed …

What Is “Flipping the Classroom” and Who Is Doing It?

The flipped classroom – everyone is talking about it, but what exactly does it mean? Derek Bruff, in his Flipped Classroom FAQ defines it as “a teaching approach in which students get a first exposure to course content before class through readings or videos, then spend class time deepening their understanding of that content through active learning exercises” Read more for examples and descriptions of Duke flipped courses.

Halfway through MITx: how’s it going?

As promised, I’m reporting back on my experience as a student in MITx’s pilot course, 6.002x, Circuits and Electronics. Officially this is Week 7 of the course, meaning that the first …