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Bridging Biology and Humanity

Duke Kunshan Biology Professor Katherine Robertson and literature Professor Yitzhak Lewis joined forces to teach an interdisciplinary course, Molecular, Behavioral and Social Evolution: Evolution of Genomes, Traits, Behaviors, and Societies. They emphasize the importance of cross-disciplinarity that allows the collision of ideas between students and instructors.

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Frequent Quizzing: Dr. Ming Li’s Pedagogy

Dr. Ming Li employed “frequent quizzing” as one of his pedagogies when he taught Fall 2018 STATS 102 Introduction to Data Science. Frequent quizzing is an effective way achieve “learning by doing” and knowledge automatization.

Active In-Class Reading

Active Reading: The reading itself matters, but what comes before also does.* In college classrooms, it is considered rather unusual to have in-class reading unless it’s part of an exam. …

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Considerations When Teaching Across Continents

Many Duke courses offered to global learners involve learners and instructors located both on-campus at Duke and around the world. However, simply putting learning materials online and having web/video conferencing …

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Take the Pulse of Student Learning

After evaluating two semesters of Infectious Disease Epidemiology in Global Settings with initial and enhanced course re/design, we have learned a great deal from our experience and student feedback. I …