virtual reality headset

Tech Basics: Virtual Reality 101

In a virtual reality experience users are able to look at, move through, and interact with a virtual world. This blog will discuss some examples of VR in education and how to get started with VR on your phone.

video game controller

Welcome to the Game Lab

The Game Lab is a new collaborative initiative which seeks to strengthen the curriculum of undergraduate education. Along with a physical space for gaming and teaching (Link Classroom 6), the Game Lab will support talks and training related to games and pedagogy. Faculty and students across the university are invited to attend events throughout the Spring semester.

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TechBasics: Web Browsing 101

You can access online content, but are you using your web browser to its fullest extent? These five tips may help you be more efficient (and less annoyed) with browsing. …


How to Prepare Course Grades in Sakai

1. Check that all desired Gradebook items have been included in the course grades. There are times when a Gradebook item is not included in the course grades. For example, …