Upcoming Talks on Game-Based Learning

Game-based pedagogy has come into its own in the last decade. Instructors from many disciplines use games to introduce students to a wide variety of content, such as cultural differences, …


How can I write and annotate online?

In classrooms filled with pens and dry erase markers, instructors and students can share solutions to problems, write notes on documents and diagram ideas. This post explores electronic options to …

man with hand over eyes burnout

Too Much Zoom?

What is Zoom fatigue? Over the last few months, there have been multiple articles written about Zoom fatigue in mainstream publications. The endless hours spent online in front of students, …

drawing of a brain with descriptive words such as feeling, memory, habit, thought

Mindful Pedagogy Book Club

“How can we encourage students to notice themselves, their thoughts, their colleagues, and the here and now?” This is the question central to the new mindful pedagogy book club.