Duke Faculty Participate in 2022 Active Learning Institute

Duke Learning Innovation welcomed 14 faculty last week to our five-day Active Learning Institute. The program looked at the use of active learning to improve student learning and success to create a more equitable classroom environment. The Active Learning Institute, held June 6-10, was a one week experience adapted from DLI’s Active Learning Fellowship, held most years from 2013 to 2019.

During the program, faculty participants in the Active Learning Institute explored how active learning techniques could be integrated into their upcoming courses for impromptu student feedback, structuring a course session or module, and in the more fundamental design of their course. Faculty worked together to experience different active learning techniques and shared ideas about using the techniques and overcoming common barriers to learning in their courses. The techniques shown included simple activities such as a Think-Pair-Share to more complex approaches to active learning like a Jigsaw or Gallery Walk.

Faculty in the Active Learning Institute work in small groups in a Jigsaw exercise.

The Active Learning Institute was led by Duke Learning Innovation Teaching Consultants Andrea Novicki, Seth Anderson, and Randy A. Riddle.

Duke Learning Innovation offers many other faculty development opportunities, including consulting, Institutes, and workshops. For additional information on future programs and events, contact us.

Faculty Participants

  • Mahmoud Altalouli – English for International Students, Graduate School
  • Tami Atkins – Occupational Therapy Doctorate Division, School of Medicine
  • Uday Balasundaram – Divinity School
  • Linda Daniel – Duke University Libraries and Information Science + Studies
  • David Eagle – Duke Global Health Institute, School of Medicine
  • Kelly Goyette – Athletics Academic Administration
  • Cameron Kim – Biomedical Engineering, Pratt
  • Grace Kisirkoi – Biology, Trinity
  • Minerva Matos-Garner – Graduate Communications & Intercultural Programs, Pratt
  • Leslie Maxwell – Thompson Writing Program, Trinity
  • Cambey Mikush – Occupational Therapy Doctorate Division, School of Medicine
  • Ashley Poole – Doctor of Physical Therapy Division, Department of Orthopedics, School of Medicine
  • Hannah Rozear, Duke University Libraries and Information Science + Studies
  • Alexandra- Emmanuelle Zagbayou, Hart Leadership Institute, Sanford
Participants in the Active Learning Institute sit for a group photo.