Updates to Sakai Project Site Role Names & Permissions

In collaboration with the Kits team, Sakai project sites will have their role names updated to match role names used on the Kits platform. This change is being made to provide better cohesion between the two platforms. The changes are as follows:

Previous NameNew Name
AccessViewer (equivalent to Student in course sites)
MaintainOwner (equivalent to Instructor in course sites)
VisitorVisitor (no change)

New role

A new role called Editor will also be added to project sites. This role will be the equivalent of the Teaching Assistant role in course sites.

Permission updates

Each role in project sites will also have their permissions adjusted where needed to match the same permissions for their course site equivalents.

No change is needed by users of project sites for these changes to take effect. In addition, course site role names will not be affected. They will remain the same (Student, Teaching Assistant, Instructor & Visitor).

Please contact us with questions about any of these changes.