Five Ways to Become a Sakai Pro

Do you wonder if you are using Sakai to its full potential? This post explains five functions that can help you make the most of it.

Say your students’ names correctly

At the beginning of the semester, you can listen to students’ names in Sakai. Ask students to add a picture and pronounce their names in their profile.


  1. Instruct students to fill out their Profile (accessible from the Home page of Sakai).
  2. Enable the Roster tool in your site (Site Info, Manage Tools).

Grade fairly

In Test & Quizzes and Assignments you may set grading to be anonymous. This will encourage you and your teaching assistants to remain impartial.


  1. In the Assignment settings, choose “Hide submitters’ identities.”
  2. Within the Test & Quizzes tool, select “Hide student identity from grader.”

Be sure students post their own content

Are you concerned that students only restate posts they read in Forums? The tool allows you to hide others’ posts until students contribute their own ideas.


  1. Choose “Require students to post before reading” in the settings.
  2. Turn on this option for an entire forum or an individual topic.

Organize students from Sakai

Would you like to ask students to sign up for office hours? Or choose a group or presentation slot? The Sign-Up tool allows you to create events with specific times and the number of open slots.


  1. Enable the Sign-Up tool to your site (Site Info, Manage Tools).
  2. Choose the Add tab to create new meetings, and send students to the tool.

Take attendance

Do you monitor who shows up for class? Do you end up writing the names of missing students on paper? The Attendance tool allows you to organize your list efficiently in Sakai.


  1. Enable the Attendance tool in your site (Site Info, Manage Tools).
  2. Either add individual dates and times or choose the Take Attendance Now button.