Get Ahead of Spring Course Planning with Teaching and Learning Workshops

Learning Innovation’s upcoming programming will offer instructors the opportunity to jumpstart spring preparation. Focusing on the major components of student-centered course design, these workshops will offer you the opportunity to connect with fellow instructors to discuss successes and challenges in the classroom and how these lessons can be applied to Spring 2021. 

If you are interested in receiving early feedback on your overall course design, Learning Innovation will host a “Course Design Series” in early December focusing on learning objectives, assessments and active learning activities. A final session in January will provide an opportunity for instructors to receive feedback on their course plans before the semester begins.

The lessons of the fall semester, including faculty success stories, will be the focus of a series of events in December and January focused on “Sharing What Works.” These discussions will allow you to share ideas with your fellow instructors on the topics of hybrid and online courses, creating classroom community and encouraging student engagement.

The challenge of creating authentic, student-centered assessments has become even more important during the pandemic. The Office of Assessment has partnered with Learning Innovation to offer a session on authentic assessments on November 11. 

Course Design Series 

Are you designing a syllabus for the Spring semester? In this series of workshops you will learn and apply a process to design courses in which learning objectives, activities, and assessments are aligned. 

Instructors are invited to attend all of the workshops in the series to get a head start on their Spring syllabus and gain a full understanding of student-centered course design. 

In preparation, we encourage participants to review Learning Innovation’s course design guide and take advantage of this syllabus template and course design planner

Event Schedule:

Sharing What Works 

Wednesday, December 2, 2-3 p.m.: Sharing What Works: One Good Idea from Fall 2020 Courses

Bring one good idea that worked well in your hybrid or online class to share with other faculty, and hear other good ideas that may work in your course.

Thursday, January 7, 10-11 a.m.: Sharing What Works: Creating Community in your Course

We’ll discuss ways of creating community in your course, important for student learning. Bring your ideas and experiences from fall and get ideas for the spring. 

Monday, January 11, 10-11 a.m.: Sharing What Works : Encouraging Student Engagement

This fall, students appreciated teaching techniques that increased their engagement in their hybrid and fully online courses. We’ll discuss some methods that worked in the fall and encourage you to bring ideas for ways of engaging students in your own courses this spring.

Rethinking Assessment

Wednesday, November 11, 8:30-10 a.m.: Introducing more authentic assessment in the classroom

Based on Spring and Summer undergraduate student survey results, students seek more authentic assessment opportunities to make sense of their learning. What does this mean? What do these opportunities look like in a remote/online learning environment and/or in-person course delivery?

Co-facilitated with Dr. Kim Manturuk, Duke Learning Innovation, this event is hosted by Duke’s Office of Assessment.

More sessions about assessing students in online learning environments will be scheduled – check upcoming newsletters for information