Using Gradescope for Online Assignments and Assessment

This fall, many Duke instructors will be teaching part or all of their courses online and looking for ways to conduct assessment remotely. If you’re new to online assessment or online grading, give Gradescope a look.

Gradescope – a tool available to Duke faculty, instructors and graduate student teaching assistants – makes it easy to assess students’ homework, assignments, tests and quizzes which are completed either online or on paper (and then uploaded to Gradescope). Gradescope can also handle programming assignments with an included code auto-grader and code similarity checker.

Gradescope works for many disciplines and provides a workflow for many forms of remote assignments:

  • Online assignments including a mixture of question types: multiple choice/select all, fill-in-the-blank, free response, and file upload (for example, scans of hand-written work),
  • Template-based assignments such as worksheets, quizzes or exams (student prints, completes, scans using phone scanning app, and uploads OR student completes a fillable pdf electronically and uploads),
  • Freeform, variable-length written work such as problem sets or homework (student completes on paper, scans and uploads),
  • Essays/reports (feature in beta; request it to be enabled in your course by emailing,
  • Bubble sheets/multiple choice (student prints, completes, scans and uploads),
  • Programming assignments.

Gradescope’s benefits include:

  1. Speeding up the grading process, including AI-assisted grading for certain question types,
  2. Allowing instructors and TAs to provide more consistent feedback to students using grading rubrics and one-question-at-a-time grading,
  3. Easily allowing multiple graders to work at once,
  4. Automatically applying rubric corrections to prior graded work,
  5. Providing detailed statistics about student performance,
  6. Providing built-in management for regrade requests,
  7. Roster and gradebook integration with Sakai (strongly recommended, see instructions here),
  8. and more….

For more information about Gradescope:

For a brief consult about your online assessments, visit DLI open online office hours, M 1-3 pm or Th 10 am-12 pm.