You Kept Teaching

Duke faculty, you have done something remarkable: in a matter of days, amidst a public health crisis and with so much going on in your lives, you transitioned your courses from the classroom to remote delivery. We think you are incredible, so we created this video montage to celebrate what you have accomplished. Thank you for your presence and care for your students, and for keeping our learning community together. We will continue to support you as long as necessary to ensure Duke’s academic continuity, but for now, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we have done together.

Thank you to the following Duke faculty for sharing their course recordings with us:

  • Elizabeth Albright
  • Victor Bennett
  • Sheri Branson
  • Martin Brooke
  • Patrick Charbonneau
  • Steve Kaufman
  • Marin Levy
  • Luana Lima
  • Kim McNally
  • Eric Mlyn
  • Michael Waitzkin
  • Junjie Yao