Try Out New Teaching Tools at Duke: Sign Up for Spring 2020 Pilots

During the Spring 2020 semester, Learning Innovation is piloting several teaching tools for Duke faculty. Contact us to learn more or to sign up!

ThingLink: Augmented Images and Videos

ThingLink allows users to tag (standard or 360º) photos and videos with embedded text, videos, images, plus links to more information. The product is a media-rich item that can be shared by URL, inserted into a website, or shared privately with students. See more, or sign up for the pilot.

CATME: Smarter Teamwork

CATME prepares students to function effectively in teams and supports you as you manage your students’ team experiences. If you’re interested in joining the pilot, contact Kim Manturuk in Learning Innovation.

Nudge: Boosting student content retention

When learned information isn’t meaningfully used over time, there is a natural “forgetting curve,” whereby content recall drops off drastically. Studies have shown that being reminded of the content in the form of a brief question periodically after learning the content, increases recall.

Nudge is software designed to send students a multiple-choice “booster” question of your choice after each class session, leading students to recall course material covered in the class session (read more about memory boosters and retention in learning).

Sign up to participate in the spring 2020 pilot. All you have to do is give us the questions you want to use and we’ll do the rest.

Gradescope: Streamlined grading

Gradescope is a tool that streamlines the grading of paper-based tests and homework assignments, even those using “bubble-sheet” format and programming assignments. Many faculty in a variety of departments already use Gradescope and find that it saves them and their TAs time in grading. Learn more about our Gradescope pilot and features of the software.

You can start using Gradescope immediately (click “login with school credentials” and use your Duke NetID), or view a one-hour “Introduction to Gradescope” workshop (recorded April 10, 2019) or register for our one-hour live workshop on 1/30 to see if Gradescope could work for your class.

Have questions or need more help?

Contact if you need help or have more questions about any of the tools listed.