Meet Digital Education Fellow Evan Donahue

Learning Innovation welcomes Evan Donahue, a PhD candidate in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures as the 2019 – 2020 Digital Education Fellow, who will be working on a Coursera project. This digital education fellowship places a PhD student with Coursera’s Teaching & Learning team, providing the Fellow an opportunity to work with a global learning partner, under the guidance of Learning Innovation. Donahue will gain real-world industry experience from Coursera’s pedagogy, learning science and instructional design experts while engaged in several research projects this fellowship year.

Throughout the fellowship experience, Donahue will be guided by a team from Learning Innovation, where we work to develop new online education models and programs, and to design learning experiences that are flexible and global.

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About Evan Donahue

Donahue designed and taught a course at Duke on the history of Artificial Intelligence. He holds degrees in computer science, mathematics, and media studies, and is comfortable collaborating with faculty from a variety of humanities, social sciences and STEM fields. At Duke, he is one of the founding members of Duke’s Text Mining Collaboratory, a 2018-2019 Scholar of the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, and a research collaborator on the Scientific Social Network Analysis Project.

Donahue shares his interest in digital education and how he will apply the fellowship experience to his future career:

My interest in digital pedagogy began while I was teaching a course on the history of artificial intelligence that I designed and for which I was the instructor of record. Once the course was underway, I began to experiment with the available pedagogical tools in Sakai and elsewhere. Using digital tools, I was able to design and implement a range of summative assessments and subsequently to capture and analyze metrics generated thereby to inform my teaching and classroom structure. By the end of the semester, the course, and my own pedagogical assumptions, had changed quite radically in response to student performance. I am continuing to explore the potential of digitally augmented pedagogy through the fellowship experience, and I expect this experience will directly inform my future teaching practice.

Evan Donahue, PhD candidate

A Transformative Experience

To learn how Duke Learning Innovation is providing real-world learning experiences for PhD students like Evan Donahue, read about the Bass Digital Education Fellowship. For more information, contact us!

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