Pilot ThingLink at Duke to Try Augmented Images and Videos

Duke faculty are invited to participate in a pilot of the educational application ThingLink, a tool for creating augmented images and videos. ThingLink allows users to tag (standard or 360ยบ) photos and videos with embedded text, videos, images, plus links to more information. The product is a media-rich item that can be shared by URL, inserted into a website, or shared privately with students.

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Details of a ThingLink of a virtual museum on Chinese immigration
Closeup photo from a virtual museum on Chinese immigration to the U.S.

ThingLink offers free accounts to instructors who wish to create media-rich items. But with your Duke ThingLink account, you’ll be able to manage courses and assignments to invite students to view your ThingLinks, or you can ask them to create their own. Pilot participants can use the tool now, all year, or start in Spring 2020. The pilot will evaluate the effectiveness of the tool for teaching and help Duke decide whether or not to support the tool in the future.

This ThingLink was made from an image of Duke Kunshan University:

Elise Mueller, Ph.D.

Author: Elise Mueller, Ph.D.

Elise Mueller is the consultant for the language departments at Duke. Her goal is to support their teaching through sound pedagogy and educational technologies. She leads fellowships and workshops on blended teaching, student reflection, portfolios and course design. She is currently grappling with the meaning of a liberal arts education in the 21st century.