Duke Online Learning Collaborative Fall 2019 Meetings – Join Us!

The Duke Online Learning Collaborative is a special interest group to share new ideas and innovations in the area of digital education and online teaching and learning. It’s a great opportunity to learn what is happening in online education across Duke!

Fall 2019 Schedule

Topic: Focus on Digital Learning in Health Professions Education
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019
Time: 3:00 – 4:00pm
Location: Room 2W96 in the Duke Medicine Pavilion
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Guest speakers: Rebecca Kameny, PhD, Population Health Sciences, will discuss the design and implementation of a new blended/online program (UrogynCREST), including digital tools, video approach, and lessons learned. We will also hear from Enrique Cachafeiro, Duke OESO, who attended the Serious Play Conference, who shares an introduction to using game elements for education and training, highlighting case studies relevant to the health professions.

Topic: Emerging Models of Experiential Education
Date: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019
Time: 3:00 – 4:30pm
Location: The Edge Workshop Room, Bostock Library, Room 127
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Guest speakers: Join us as we (1) explore emerging models of experiential education with faculty guest Ryan Shaw, PhD, RN, Associate Professor and Digital Health Scientist, Duke School of Medicine, and (2) Sophia Stone, EdD will share the latest updates from OLC Accelerate 2019 – the international conference in blended, online, and digital learning.

About the Duke Online Learning Collaborative

These meetings are part of the Duke Online Learning Collaborative and open to all in the Duke community with an interest in digital education and online teaching and learning. The group is co-led by Sophia Stone, EdD (Duke Learning Innovation) and Beth Phillips, PhD, RN (Duke School of Nursing). We welcome all in the Duke community to join us! Contact Sophia Stone for more information.