Save Time Grading with Gradescope

Learn how to save time grading with Gradescope, a free tool for Duke faculty,  instructors and graduate student teaching assistants, at workshops on August 16 or August 21.

Gradescope makes it easy for instructors to grade tests and homework (paper-based or electronically-generated) or programming assignments. Gradescope focuses on two important tasks:

  1. Speeding up the grading process
  2. Providing more consistent feedback to students

All Duke courses have free access to Gradescope, including:

  • Unlimited, collaborative grading with your course staff and TAs,
  • Grading of many assignment types, including short answer, short essay, bubble sheet, and online assignments,
  • Artificial Intelligence-assisted grading for certain question types,
  • Code autograder for programming assignments, and
  • Easy roster and gradebook management with Sakai integration.

For more information: