Duke Learning Innovation Contributes WALTer to the EEP

In May, Duke Learning Innovation’s Research and Development team had the opportunity to attend the Empirical Educator Project (EEP) 2019 Summit at Carnegie Mellon University.  Led by Michael Feinstein, the EEP seeks to transform learning within higher education to meet 21st learning needs through collaboration between universities, colleges, and educational vendors.

During the 2019 Summit, Carnegie Mellon announced that they would be sharing the OpenSimon toolkit, which contains a $100 million open educational software package of tools for course creation and evaluation.  To explore the details of the toolkit, visit CMU’s OpenSimon webpage.

Duke Learning Innovation’s Contribution

As one of the first contributors to the EEP, Duke Learning Innovation shared WALTer, a template for creating consent forms for students participating in faculty-led educational research.  WALTer streamlines the process of gathering consent for educational research initiatives and has been used by a number of Duke faculty members conducting research in their classrooms. To read more about WALTer, visit the EEP’s information about Educational Research Infrastructure.

Connect with Duke Learning Innovation

If you are a Duke faculty member interested in an educational research project, or if you would like to know more about WALTer, feel free to contact Kim Manturuk and Grey Reavis.