Gain New Teaching Perspectives with Visit a Classroom

Would you like to get new ideas for teaching?  Want to meet other Duke faculty, see them teach, and discover what works in their classroom?

Duke Learning Innovation offers our Visit a Classroom program just for Duke faculty.  Visit a Classroom is a structured, but relaxed, way to talk with other faculty about teaching and reflect on new ideas you can try in your own class.

Sign up to participate in Visit a Classroom. Learning Innovation will match you with two colleagues that have complementary schedules. You’ll meet and have lunch with them to talk about your courses and schedule a time to visit each other’s courses.

We will provide you with guidance on how to observe the classes with an eye towards reflecting on your own teaching and highlighting methods you see on the visits that you can adapt and use in your own courses.

After the classroom visits, you’ll meet again with your two colleagues to discuss what you learned about your own teaching by observing the other classes and exchange other ideas on teaching at Duke.

The Visit a Classroom program provides you with an opportunity to celebrate good teaching, see the classroom from the perspective of a student, and formulate plans and ideas to enhance your own teaching and classroom experience.

Applications for the Visit a Classroom program are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  It is available to any Duke faculty member or instructor teaching during the current semester.  Graduate students interested in classroom observations can sign up for a similar program offered by the Graduate School.